About - BeingBreath

Located in beautiful Bloomington, Indiana, Being Breath Photography offers behind-the-scenes event and gatherings photography and limited portraiture photography.

What Is Being Breath Photography?

Being Breath Photography is a style of photography that captures the beauty, depth, and wonders of the mundane human experience. 

Behind-the-scenes photography at events and gatherings showcase the often unseen moments - the details and expressions that highlight how the event FELT. Resulting images help you remember those hours not just for what happened, but for how it all made you feel. Together, we celebrate the full range of the experience - all of the fun, uplifting, inspiring, and  challenging moments.

Portrait photography is an experience in and of itself. Being Breath style photography focuses not only on the images being created, but the experience being had while being photographed. We work and play together to create a comfortable and enjoyable environment, then photograph the beauty of you feeling present, accepted, and seen. The resulting images are reminders of the allure and depths of YOU.